We Offer

Individual Attention

Your business is furnished with a professional who can provide you with the time and attention you need to succeed. The majority of our professionals hold Doctorates in various fields and have extensive research and publication histories. DRS:

  • Researches topics including*:
    • Disability benefits;
    • Disability education;
    • Interviewing to obtain insight into the disability experience.
  • Evaluates company/agency/organisations*:
    • Disability outreach efforts;
    • Communication strategies;
    • Disability inclusion strategy;
    • Reasonable adjustment strategies/plans;
    • Disability emergency preparedness in the workplace;
    • Disability recruitment, hiring, and/or advancement strategies;
    • Representation of minority populations and proposed solutions.

We believe in making good professional connections that deliver the maximum potential for your project. We are a fully registered, licensed and insured UK business.

*These are not all inclusive lists. Please contact DRS to see if we can meet your needs.

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