We Believe

Disabled People are Qualified

At DRS, we believe that disabled people possess remarkable skills and abilities. We recognise that there are often social, physical and architectural barriers that prevent their inclusion. We think that the most significant way to challenge these barriers is to provide opportunities for disabled people to utilise their skills and experiences as professionals.

DRS employees are provided with the flexibility to work in locations equipped to allow them to demonstrate their capabilities. We have found that this benefits disabled people by providing them with accessible employment options. We have also found that companies greatly benefit from this arrangement. By providing companies with disabled professionals who possess both academic qualifications and lived experiences, companies can be assured that the disability topics being evaluated on their behalf are being done so appropriately.

“Reducing the economic dependency of disabled people can only be satisfactorily addressed by changing the way the labour market operates and the ways in which work is organized.”

Michael Oliver and Colin Barnes, 2012

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